Mapping the Automotive Supply Chain

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Our Automotive Supply Chain project entails defining and identifying businesses in the automotive supply chain in the greater Charlotte region. By supply chain, we mean the supplier networks, the production enterprises and the distribution systems that encompass product development, sourcing, production, logistics, and delivery of products used in the automotive, motorsports and transportation industries in the region.


  • Researching the extent of the cluster and mapping the supply chain for the automotive, motorsports, and transportation industry in the greater Charlotte region and to potentially enlarge the region. The goal is to spot areas where missing industries might be recruited to the region and to let existing manufacturers buy locally produced materials.

Professor Ertunga Ozelkan, Associate Director from the Center for Lean Logistics and Engineered Systems at UNC Charlotte, is the principal Investigator and was responsible for the research and report. Professor Ozelkan delineated the size and scope of the automotive and motorsports supply chain in the greater region; identified possible development opportunities; and suggests measures to enhance our competitive advantage.

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