Renaissance Computing Institute

Renaissance Computing Institute at UNC Charlotte is part of a larger collaborative venture that began through a partnership between Duke University, North Carolina State University, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the state of North Carolina. This virtual statewide organization, known as Renaissance Computing Institute, includes engagement centers at the three Triangle universities, as well as East Carolina University, UNC Asheville and UNC Charlotte. It brings together academia, government, industry and world-class computing and technology resources to find innovative solutions to real world challenges.

The engagement center at UNC Charlotte is an innovative research partnership that brings together the unique talents of three University Centers — the Center for Applied Geographic Information Science (CAGIS), the Charlotte Visualization Center (VisCenter) and the UNC Charlotte Urban Institute — to study growth and urbanization and their impact in the state of North Carolina.

The collaborative model of Renaissance Computing Institute at UNC Charlotte allows each center to bring its expertise to a complex public policy issue. CAGIS conducts geographic analysis that is then visualized in compelling ways by the VisCenter. The UNC Charlotte Urban Institute is responsible for making sure the research of Renaissance Computing Institute at UNC Charlotte is available and useful to state and local leaders.

Using collaborative, interdisciplinary research and high-performance computing tools, Renaissance Computing Institute at UNC Charlotte explores complex issues related to growth and urbanization – especially in the greater Charlotte region. In addition to examining issues such as development and land-use patterns, Renaissance Computing Institute at UNC Charlotte will explore urbanization’s effect on other aspects of the region’s infrastructure, quality of life, demographics and social well-being including transportation, education, the economy, and the environment, and will help discover solutions to real-life decisions and challenges facing community and regional leaders.

Focus Areas

  • Modeling and Forecasting Growth
  • Visualization

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